Sidewalk Shed NYC

290 Wadsworth, New York NY 10040, New York
Phone: 212 433 4822

Sidewalk shed is a temporary structure and made to provide the citizen with a safe and secure passage so that the foot travelers and the construction workers can walk and work without any worries respectively. Sidewalk shed is made up of wood planks and steel pipes. Wood planks are used at the deck of sidewalk shed and for the base of sidewalk sheds nyc steel pipes are used. That way sidewalk shed can spend its life span with durability and can be removed easily after the construction. To get in-depth information about sidewalk sheds, contact us, or check out our website. Hire Our Company Sidewalk Shed Nyc so that you don’t have to worry yourself about sidewalk shed For Hiring or any other kind of information communicates with us at Address: 290 Wadsworth, New York NY 10040. To email us Email: and to contact us by phone call Phone: 212 433 4822.

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